Heidi Butzine is a best-selling author, speaker and Chief Marketing Strategist at Localista Media and Founder of ShopLocal.us, which provides small business marketing strategies and raises consumer awareness about local businesses.

Bringing together 25 years of career experience in business management and marketing, Heidi helps organizations thrive by integrating custom marketing solutions and breakthrough creative strategies into a business growth plan without going through the costly struggle of marketing with no strategy.

Having worked in non-profit, corporate and small business worlds, Heidi’s worn all the hats in running a company from idea to start-up, to ultimately selling her business to a Fortune 500 company for just under $20 million. Heidi has seen the challenges that companies both large and small face which fuels her desire to help small businesses.

Heidi is a prominent member of the South Bay business community and currently serves as Chair of the Economic Development Council and Chair Elect of the the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce, Board Member of the South Bay Business Women’s Association and President of the North Redondo Beach Business Association. A Los Angeles South Bay native, Heidi is also a graduate of Cal State Dominguez Hills and UCLA.

I help the small business owner cut through the clutter of overwhelming marketing methods to make the right choices to save money, time and frustration.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked my way from retail to mail room, marketing to operations, and from C-level executive to sales. I’ve learned most of what I know about business from running a small niche consulting company for 12 years and through my experience working for a global corporation. I earned an executive MBA at UCLA, but everything else I’ve picked up from being in business for myself.

Over the past seven years, I’ve developed an online certification program for wine and spirits education, earned my Certified Specialist of Wine designation from the Society of Wine Educators, written and published eight books (three of which were written to encourage local tourism and commerce in wine country), and launched my own independent publishing company. As an entrepreneur, I’ve seen the challenges that companies both large and small face which has fueled my desire to protect local businesses and help them thrive. I work with independent businesses and service providers, solopreneurs and startups, community and business organizations.

Specialties: grassroots marketing, small business strategy, publishing, writing, shop local, online education, wine education

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